Ginger Brooks Takahashi’s collaborative project-based, socially enraged practice is an extension of feminist spaces and queer inquiry, actively building community and nurturing alternative forms of information distribution. She is co-founder of queer and feminist journal LTTR; projet MOBILIVRE BOOKMOBILE project; the touring musical act MEN; and General Sisters. She has presented work at the Oakland Museum of California, 2019; Jewish Museum, 2016; Tensta Konsthall, 2015; Brooklyn Museum, 2013; Museo Tamayo, 2010; New Museum, 2009; and Serpentine Gallery, 2008. She received her BA from Oberlin College and attended the Whitney Independent Study Program in 2007. She is currently developing a public art piece with Nine Mile Run Watershed Association and Center for Civic Arts in Wilkinsburg, Pennsylvania.

IG: @brookstakahashi

FB: Ginger Brooks Takahashi

An Army of Lovers Cannot Fail, 2020

My artwork for the Westmoreland County Billboard Campaign is a joyful, iconic piece celebrating LGBTQ lives and mutual aid. A rainbow of arms reaches out to one another, with one holding a sign emblazoned with the early gay liberation text, “An Army of Lovers Cannot Fail.” This artwork visualizes our differences as well as our human interconnectedness. Embodying the spirit of Gay Liberation and Stonewall, as well as our current protest movement, these arms are expressive representations of humanity: asking for a helping hand, offering support, assertion of dignity and liberty, protest, receptivity, kindness, and generosity. This piece reminds passersby that LGBTQ rights and racial justice were and are achieved through interconnected struggle and allyship, through people speaking out and protesting in the streets, demanding respect and legal rights.